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quote year at cambridge latin which is a pretty darn good public school. >> bill: it's a good school. >> going down to the university of massachusetts at dart mouth: i don't know i understand in his freshman year he in college he was less friendly than he had been in high school indicating that the raddization, the muslim fund mentionist ideals that the old brother tamerlan inculcating began to take hold. when he came back, tamerlan, it is also interesting to note that's when he began putting his videos on youtube. that's where he began referencing these radical imams. that's where he began truly to get hard core in terms it of his ideology, his hatred of the west. his hatred of decadent
request to stay indoors. we know what an inconvenience it is in water town and in cambridge in particular, that really surrounds the areas where we have asked for this but it's been enormously important and herself to the many many in law enforcement who are trying to do their job and we thank all of you for helping to get that message out. the stay indoor request remains in effect, there are continuing developments in the investigation which we'll be able to talk about, not now but later, but it is important that folks remain indoors and not open the door, keep the doors locked and not open the door unless there is a uniformed identified law enforcement officer on the other side of it requesting to come inside. i think that's all i want to offer, mr. mayor? >> thank you governor, thank you all for being here with us today, thank you for your patience. the public officials, the state police, boston police, the local guys are working on this the last several days and also the citizens obviously affected ... [ inaudible ] >> like the governor said don't let anybody into your apartment unles
on the campus of mi.t. in cambridge, massachusetts. in addition in cambridge, there was a carjacking that may or may not have been related to the officer killed. then in addition, not long after that, in watertown, massachusetts, one suspect was apprehended. the fbi has been present and the significance for international viewers who may not know this, the fbi is federal bureau of investigation so they would be involved in big major crimes, not just local crimes. the fbi was on the campus of m.i.t. in cambridge. they were also present in watertown, massachusetts, where this one suspect was apprehended. other than that we don't know. we have three events. they might be connected, they may be unrelated. but there's a big, big police presence in boston and the surrounding area. obviously, this is a town on edge ever since the terrorist attack on monday. that's where we are as of right now. the campus of m.i.t. has alerted students that it is still not -- it's not determined it's been safe for them to leave their rooms. not just to students but to anybody on the m.i.t. campus so people are advised
. businesses told to stay closed in areas all around watertown. waltham, belmont, brighton, cambridge, neighborhoods around the area all res tenths told to stay home. we all know, mika, willie, mike, who i'm sure is up in boston right now watching all of this. boston is an open city. it's a city that, you know, is great to walk around. it's a city that is of a lot of small neighborhoods. great communities. it's almost unimaginable for us spending time up there that, right now, it is, mika, in complete lockdown and it will remain in lockdown until this suspect that is still armed and dangerous is found. there were reports 30 minutes ago that they believe he may be cornered. pete williams suggested that some reports that they may have him in a building, but there has been no confirmation of that over the past 30 minutes. so there's a question as to whether that information is accurate at this time or not. >> we have got michael isikoff, national investigative correspondent with us who is up in boston the last several days. what are you seeing on the ground, michael? >> while ago we saw
not see them. just boston police, state police, cambridge police, the local police, you would have to call it, along with fire departments and ambulances. >> all right, drew griffin standing by there in boston. if you would a moment, drew, we're going to go to our affiliate wccb to listen to what they have. >> officer at m.i.t. was shot several times around 10:48 this evening. rushed to mgh where he lost his life. they say a suspect is still at large. they are still searching for that person but we have not seen any more sweeps of this area at this point. there are two police trucks -- police cars, cruisers, that i can see at this point where i am. the perimeter has not changed. it's still quite a distance back. where i'm standing is still several blocks away from where that shooting occurred. at this point we are the only media at this site. and most of the police have left. it has quieted down quite a bit and seems the focus has turned to the other areas. >> the m.i.t. website i keep going back to, the latest update came around 12 minutes ago, suspect remains at large, continue to stay i
, specifically in cambridge, there was a shooting of a police officer. the officer was killed. there was also a carjacking in cambridge. there was a chase. two individuals have been arrested in watertown, massachusetts. there has been a big police presence, both local law enforcement and the federal bureau of investigation, the fbi which would suggest that this is not your average local crime, even though the shooting of a police officer is taken sle seriously. the fbi would not necessarily be involved in the manhunt for somebody who shot a police officer. the fbi has said, they've acknowledged to cnn, they're trying to figure out if there's any connection whatsoever with what is going on this evening on the campus of m.i.t. and in watertown where the individuals were apprehended and what happened earlier on monday a couple blocks from me. i'm going to go to drew griffin on the scene in watertown where these arrests have taken place. drew, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we just got a note apparently from state police spokesman david pru cope i can't -- i don't want to go with that just ye
in the united states -- oh, they came early since 2003. >> why are they in cambridge? >> they came to -- when they moved to the states and they came to cambridge area. >> why? >> they immigrated. they immigrated. they received asylum. >> were they going to school? were they working there? >> yes. they lived there. >> did they go to college? >> well, i hope they were. i don't know. when they grew up, as i said, me myself and this family has nothing to do with them for long, long time. last time i spoke with was about 2009. >> how do you feel about america? what do you think of the united states? >> i say i teach my children and that's what i feel myself, this is the ideal -- entire world. i respect this country. i love this country. this country which gives chance to everybody else should be treated as a human being and to just be human being, to feel yourself human being. that's what i feel about this country. my name r-u-s-l-a-n. tsarni. >> were they involved in any sort of training? >> i don't know. i don't know. again, i don't know. i've seen them as a kid. and if i even slightly be aware
that a carjacking happened in the cambridge area. then a massive shoot-out took place here in watertown. all of these somewhat connected on the same string of roads, but we don't know if all this activity is all connected to each individual event i just named or if any of it is connected to the boston marathon itself. we know the fbi joined into this investigation here in watertown to determine if there's a link between the two, and it certainly looks like by the increased activity we are seeing that there is more activity. jake? apparently we are going to be reporting on the activity. and from what i understand, we may be getting more information from the massachusetts state police spokesperson, although he has left this scene and gone back to his headquarters. perhaps just to assemble the information from all the agencies involved. there are as many as a dozen police agencies, maybe more involved in this activity. there's a lot of activity going on. there was, according to our witnesses, police actively going between houses trying to find somebody. and also from the massachusetts state pol
chilling information. i want to go to byron pitts outside the suspect's house in cambridge. we see the police waving everyone away there, byron. >> can you hear me there. >> reporter: hi, george, can you hear me. we're at the corner of norfolk street and cambridge in east cambridge, a working class neighborhood. police are now asking the media and public to back up. >> off the streets, please, thank you. >> what's the concern, officer? >> thank you. >> come on. let's go. >> off the sidewalk, please. around the corner. >> reporter: to my right -- >> agents in vests -- >> we appreciate your cooperation. >> thank you. >> reporter: things have escalated in the past few minutes, for the past few hours the police have blocked off a few blocks of cambridge street where they believe one of the suspects lived. >> all right, they believed he lived right there on norfolk street. >> reporter: in the past -- >> go ahead, byron. >> reporter: i'll go back and give it to you when you come in. so the police are asking people -- we're moving back now. we apologize, move our cameras back so the polic
it all began early in the evening with a shooting in cambridge, massachusetts, where an m.i.t. campus police officer was shot and killed. we are going to continue to follow this big breaking story, of course, stay with us for continuing coverage. this story. stay with us for continuing coverage. >>> we continue to cover this breaking news out of the boston, massachusetts, area. officials believe that there is a strong possibility that they have now zeroed in on the suspects related to the boston marathon bombings. it all began with a sequence of events last night. it started with a shooting on the campus of m.i.t. where a m.i.t. campus police officer was responding to a report of disturbance where he was shot multiple times and killed. then, an outbust in watertown, two suspects engaged in a firefight with law enforcements. witnesses reported hearing at least three blast. one eyewitness we spoke to said that he saw the suspects tossing what appeared to be hand grenaded and a pressure cooker bomb at law enforcement officials. i want to bring now in nbc's justice corresponde
and drove them close to their home in cambridge. i suspect that the and other officials, law enforcement community, are following up that clue but that might suggest that the bombs werenearby malden. what would you make of >> i thiher out there practicing with the firing devices, or they pic i heyad be carrying them to rural massachusetts,"j outside of town. it just doesn't jake it comes back to the fact that i've played with these things a long time, 35m go off in an like this wanta bomb to be a dud because the plo is to happens, purposes their pu be to have them need a bomb maker to do it. or someone with a lot of practice. otherwise, these just don't go after with thatanage to make happen. >> bob baer thank you so much. i to bring in judge michael mukasey, a former attorney general in the bush administration. judge mukasey, you say way these two suspects acted alone. you also wrote in thewall street journal" will that this is an act of jih obama administration needs are you so sure this was part of a larger moveme look. number the keen and intense islamic interest o
don't walk around, drive around the streets of cambridge with explosives unless you intend to maybe use them. >> it's possible. >>gretchen: unless, as you alluded to a couple moments ago, they decided to make a move and so they decided to take everything they had with them and decided to start carjacking and try to get a mode of transportation to at least get out of the boston area. >> which i find a bit confusing because you would think if you were trying to escape you'd have that already lined up. they planned this bombing. and they were successful in pulling off this bombing, unfortunately, with 3 dead and 160 wounded and the countless number of people who lost limbs and their lives have been changed forever. grif jenkins is in watertown, massachusetts. we have nighttime video of a man being forced on the ground and in handcuffs being taken away. were you there? is that the same man? what do you know about suspect number two from this video? >> from that video, we do not know. the authorities are not saying what connection, if any, that man had. as you can see from the video that
by police overnight. he is identified as a 19-year- old from cambridge, massachusetts. >> and there is now a massive manhunt now for the second suspect in a boston suburb not far from cambridge, watertown. the latest photo of the dead suspect came from a convenience store in cambridge. the boston police commissioner says they believe to a cbs news has confirmed the suspects are brothers from a region of russia near chechnya. the suspect was killed early this morning in a shootout with poliin the suburb of watertown. police say the suspects threw explosives from their car as they led police on a chase into watertown from cambridge. now, earlier, they are believed to have ambushed and killed a police officer on the m.i.t. campus and then staged a carjacking. that happened hours after the fbi released photos of the two suspects yesterday. we have more now from cbs reporter susan mcginnis in boston. >>> reporter: explosions and gunshots pierced the early- morning hours as police closed in on the suspects in the boston marathon bombings. officers are going door to door looking for one of the m
this is the last place they saw that suspect, was here. came down quite frankly where we are from cambridge into this particular neighborhood obviously throwing explosives out of the window. this is the last place they saw him. they believe he's here with all the people chasing him. with all the people, all the resources they had behind this person. they don't think he could have gotten far from here. so while there are other areas being cleared, there have been huge police presence in one area. we even saw military helicopters. you can probably hear the helicopter in the air now. they're still zeroing in on watertown because they believe that is where this 19-year-old suspect is that we found out about. 19-year-old suspect who is a wrestler who got to college on a scholarship for wrestling. his older brother who is a boxer, a two-time golden glove champion both ending up in this neighborhood, one losing their life, the other on the loose still. again, you can hear that helicopter in the air. that is a police helicopter. also military helicopters here as well. and tactical units being disbu
to the news it started at 10:30 last night when these two suspects robbed a 7-11 in cambridge and went to the cam pus of mit where they shot and killed an mit police officer, car-jacked a car and then the police started chasing them into watertown. the watertown area. as they were doing so. the suspects were throwing explosives from the car. they arrived in the watertown area there ensued a gun ask the fight. the guy in the black hat got out of the car. he had an ied strapped to his body and mr. white hat escaped. he is at large considered at large and dangerous, and the entire area of watertown, the western suburbs of boston have been shutdown. >> that's where we are right now, as we start the full court press this morning. we will monitor the situation and keep you updated right here on the full court prose current tv. (vo) this afternoon, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside
in cambridge last night. >> many residents in the area witness the car chase and the explosion with the suspects. here's one resident described in what he saw and what he heard. >> the shootout with police in the up with the death of older brother and a lot of residents heard this trace and heard the explosion and the gunfire when this went down. >> i thought i heard firecrackers. i heard gunshots and then i saw the explosion. i actually saw a black suv go down the street. it looked like it had hit a police car and they were just shooting at a. i must occur about 60 gunshots. >> what was the explosion like? >> it shook my house. >> supporters are urging residents and watertown, new town, waltham, bill mott, a cambridge and boston austin bryson neighborhood of boston to stay indoors. all mass transit has been shut down. >> they're want to make sure there are no innocent bystanders on the street. >> stay with kron 4 as we have the continuing coverage for the younger brother. older n killed and this was probably while you were sleeping. state-owned to kron4 and our 24/7 channel, c
as brothers from chechnya, the surviving suspect, 19 years old. the two have been living in cambridge, massachusetts. the older brother, who, of course, is dead, has been living in america since 2007. pretty extraordinary, living in this country since 2007 and deciding at some point to turn on america. >> right. and the younger one getting a scholarship for a prestigious school in cambridge. an angel, said his father. that plays into this very elaborate plot, it seems, at this point. >> we are waiting on a news conference on the bombing manhunt. of course, we will bring you the latest. and, of course, all of this has sent boston and the region into a grip of an emergency and a complete lockdown. let's get to sue herera. chef has the very latest developments on what we know right now. sue? beginning to piece together and find out some of what the authorities have found as they work through watertown and also, as they work through the cambridge apartment and the location where the two brothers lived. they are telling nbc news that they have found numerous pieces of evidence that are bei
in watertown where we are right now. also, cambridge, waltham, newton, belmont, and at this point all of boston. all of boston. this is a serious situation. we're taking it seriously. we're asking the public to take it seriously, as well. and with this law enforcement, by following those simple instructions, we have every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job and working in concert with each other, but we are going to need the public to help us help them stay safe. where are you, commissioner? >> right behind you. thank you, governor. as the governor said, this is a rapidly developing situation. within the last half hour, we received information that i have communicated to mayor menino the mayor asked me to come here and to tell you that the shelter in place recommendation has tended throughout the of boston. there's a lot of information coming in. we're working very closely with federal authorities in washington. we are examining all databases, all potential leads and there are officers that are moving around the city right now. please be pa
're in good hands with allstate. >>> with breaking news. in cambridge, massachusetts, just outside of boston, an m.i.t. campus police officer has been shot and killed after responding to a disturbance there. nbc's kerry sanders is in cambridge for us. kerry, what can you tell us? >> reporter: mara, there were reports of a disturbance here on the m.i.t. campus, and an m.i.t. police officer responded. apparently, that police officer was shot multiple times. the security team here says that he was transported to a hospital where he was reported dead. the authorities then converged on the area as they swarmed the area, there were some explosions that were heard a short distance away. and many of the officers then traveled over towards watertown where there are many officers now converging to find out if that is related to what happened here. mara? >> kerry, thanks so much. "last word" is coming up. >>> once again, these are the men the fbi is asking you to help find. the fbi says they are armed and dangerous, and says they are suspects in the boston bombing investigation. if you think you see an
of violence and chaos. >> police responded to the cambridge campus of mit thursday evening when an officer was shot and killed. the area were shut down and the college community warned to stay away. >> if that was the beginning. action, sprung up in the nearby community of watertown. where an alleged carjacking leventhal explosive. gunfire was exchanged and one officer was shot. >> in the exchange of gunfire we believe one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody a second suspect was able to flee from that car. >> the district attorney's office says that the suspect has died. police are looking for a man that matches the description of a second suspect. wanted by the fbi in connection with the attack at the boston marathon. >> a door to door manhunt is underway. >> we are asking everyone to shelter in place for the time being and not to leave their homes. >> we have learned that watertown is on lockdown no transit traffic is allowed in and out. all transit in boston has been suspended boston public schools and surrounding universities such as boston university and harva
everybody to stay inside. so, you know, it's a lockdown in the boston, watertown, belmont, cambridge, everybody is hunkering down and waiting for this thing to play out. stuart: yes, sir, senator scott brown, we appreciate you being with us. valuable time. appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. keep the faith, everybody. stuart: yes, sir. now, also with me this morning here in new york, monica crowley. i want to establish monica's credentials before we go any further. you've got a ph.d. in security, security, national security, you are an expert on russia and on chechnya, is that correct? >> yes. stuart: now, these two terrorists have been identified as brothers who were born and raised in chechnya. as i understand it, they were involved in a brutal war with russia 20 years ago, right about the time when these youngsters were born and it was brutal indeed, correct? >> yes, actually two separate wars, one fwr 1994 to 1996 called the first chechen war and chechnya is considered a break away from russia, trying to separate. when the wall came down and chechnya saw an interest in breaking apa
of massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge, massachusetts, just a short drive away. again, we can tell you at least right now, nbc is reporting that the two suspects believed to be in this incident are the same two suspects that were fingered for the marathon bombings in boston on monday. we will follow pictures, we will, of course, follow news for you out of this and we will interrupt our guests and programming as needed to bring you those updates throughout the program this morning. in the meantime, let's get a check on how markets are trading. first, let's head out to singapore where li sixuan is keeping an eye on things. what can you tell us? >> indeed, thank you, kelly. a lot of green arrows in asia today as the greater china markets are indeed the stellar outperformer with the shanghai composite, the hang seng gaining some 2%. also, lots of speculation around a potential imminent widening of the u.n.'s trading ban. we saw technical rebound in financials and commodity plays, especially from the big aussie miners that were hit hard yesterday. metals soared almost 10% today. bhp bil
.m. east coast time and that is something that has started out at the m.i.t. campus in cambridge and from there proceeded to watertown and that has been the focus this morning. there has been increased activity just over the last 45 minutes or so. we'll continue on keep an eye on all of that, but we are also watching as the opening bell approaches. carl quintanilla is at the nyse and he's been keeping an eye on everything there. >> i'm here with kayla tausche and david faber, as tense as things are in boston the wheels are about to turn. the opening bell about a minute or so away. so as a result, we're seeing the collision of those pictures that you're looking at and in this case today at the nyse, an ipo and in this case of seaworld. we just had a parade of penguins, dancers come through the exchange and make their way to the balcony, a celebration that had obviously been in the works for a while and that went ahead even with the developments in boston overnight. a lot of corporate news, of course. you guys have covered it all morning long, ge, mcdonald's, ibm, google and we'll get up to
is focused, but not confined to a series of communities west of boston proper, including cambridge and watertown. 21 hours since the photo was first released, dzhokhar named on the loose. his older brother, his alleged co-conspirator in the bombing at the marathon died early this morning in a clash with police from which the younger brother escaped. according to one law enforcement source, actually driving over his brother's body. here is the brother's uncle in an emotional plea delivered late this morning. >> i say dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness. and the victims, from the injured and from those who left, ask for forgiveness from these people. >> we already obviously are learning a lot about these two suspects. we know that dzhokhar who is 19 years old, first came to the united states in 2002, he was 8 years old. his family, he came here on a tourist visa. we know with his mother and his -- at least with his mother. let's go back to the aunt now speaking in canada. >> naturally, i guess, you know, whatever i feel will come out. natural. it is so
. local police say they could continue through the weekend. nearby in cambridge, that is right near the home of the suspected bombers and their relatives, police plan to perform some sort of controlled explosion. also right now in southern massachusetts, the campus of umass dartmouth is being evacuated. the school has confirmed someone connected to the bombings is enrolled as a student there. we're trying to clear up those details for you. we know this began last night with reports of gunfire on the m.i.t. campus. police say the man shot and killed 26-year-old sean collier, an m.i.t. police officer, who was just sitting in his cruiser. his broad was riddled with several gunshots. the two men car jacked a mercedes suv at gunpoint. police began a chase while those suspects were throwing explosives from the vehicle. they reportedly told that owner of the car they were indeed the marathon bombers, but then miraculously they released the man unharmed. the pursuit moved to watertown. that is where the two suspects opened fire on police. now, a transit police officer, 33-year-old richard d
. it began late last night in cambridge. a campus police officer respond to go a call. he was shot in the head. a short time later at a cambridge 7-eleven, there was a car jacking. and at that point, suspect number two was caught on surveillance video wearing a gray hoodie. they car jacked a mercedes suv and in the police chase that ensued, they were apparently throwing grenades or some sort of explosive device out of the vehicle, ultimately made their way here to watertown. various reports of fire fights, explosive devices, possibly a pressure cooker bomb and now we know the -- one of the suspects, the guy in the pictures in the black hat, was killed in the course of all of this. but guy number two, suspect number two, the guy in the white hat who was seen on video placing -- actually placing a calm at the scene of monday's explosion at the boston marathon is reported to be still at large. nbc news reporting and police now confirming that the two suspects have international ties, military experience, have been in the u.s. for at least a year. beyond that, we don't know what their
is on the run, if he has slapped the noose in cambridge, massachusetts, he is looking for people he can hang out with and hide out with, and if he was a student at that school, he knows people town there, and not taking any chance to allow him to take refuge down there, just like they told the residents of watertown, massachusetts to stay inside. if anybody comes buy and knocks on the door, don't answer the door. all this developing. let's bring you up to date now. a little after 3:00 on the east coast. it appears one suspect in the boston marathon terror attacks is still on the run. throughout this hour you'll see this phone number on the right side of the screen if you see that suspect, fbi agents want you to call them, 1- 1-800-call-fbi. swat teams combing through homes and businesses, just 20 minutes away from the marathon finish line. a distance of ten miles. that's where police engaged in a shootout that left one of the suspects, the older one, dead. more on that in a moment. but during their last update. police said the man hunt was still ongoing, this from police. >> progressing through
was seen as part of the stickup at the 7-eleven in cambridge and there are photographs there from the surveillance cameras and they are certain, according to the state police, that he is the same person who the fbi was looking for. it was quite a scene here as they race down the streets of this quiet town late at night on thursday and through the morning here. with one police officer dead and another one in very critical condition from the shootouts with these two individuals. it's clear that they were exactly as the fbi put it, armed and very, very dangerous. and that danger continues at th point and, linsey have been describinghe conditions. if you are driving, don't stop to pick up anybody. >> you told us earlier about an anecdote of an a a bc police producer who was carrying a backpack and they had or on the ground at one point. can you describe that story, again? >> i can do better than that. meg, describe what happened when you were there and the police came to you. go ahead. >> i was told it was a very unsafe area and there was a suspect who was dropping bombs out of backpa
tosuarbuound the bs. public schools have canceled classes. ar cambridge have canceled classes. ought to acrchg halt alls been around boston as the intense manhunt continues for this second suspect. we are learning that abc7 news is confirming that the two suspects are believed to be brothers, possibly from check nea or turkey. the two are believed to have had paramilitary training based on this intense response to police^. we are following the news situation and we will bring you the latest with the details. >> the 11-year-old boy from martinez could be out of intensive care this morning after suffering a deep thigh wound waiting for his mom to cross the finish line but he has made tremendous progress and who wouldn't after a visit with first lady. she gave him a rent. he is unhooked from the machines and face as long hospital stay but he is expected to make a full recovery. >> happening now security is extra tight for a run in san francisco this morning in honor of victims of the boston marathon bombing. it gets underway at 7:00 a.m. abc7 news amy hollyfield is there with more on the race. >>
. these two brothers now identified as marathon bombing suspects were living in cambridge, they are of chechen decent, under massive pressure after photos revealed yesterday, by fbi, killed an m.i.t. campus officer, then carjacked a mercedes suv overnight, police in hot pursuit chased them to watewatertown, a deafening gunft overnight ensued. shattering a neighborhood, listen to this. [ sound of gunfire ] dogs barking neighbors running people cowering in homes one of suspects 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev was killed his brother dzhokhar still on the loose, we'll keep up a split screen or depending on what is happening a big/little. we'll break in with any news as it develops, bring you to to date on market, resilient in this last hour of trading dow jones while down 17 had been down much more. we have s&p 500 reversing, moving higher by 10. and nazdaq has been strong today up about 35. now, some of this right now dow would e higher if not for a rare misfrom ibm. after the bell yesterday, earnings came out they mised on both top and bottom line, dragging tech sector down and dow industrials, i
institute of technology in cambridge. that's one mile from where we are standing right now at the scene of the boston marathon attack. >> an officer who was killed on the campus of m.i.t. was killed a short time later, a carjacking took place and a police chase took place after that with reports of explosives involved. during the chase, the transportation authority officer was wounded in a shoot-out and suspect number one was critically wounded and later died at the hospital. we expect a press conference in 15 minutes at the hospital. >> we have drew griffin with us right now on the streets of watertown, massachusetts. again, this is the area right now which is a very active crime scene where people are being told not to leave their houses where it is believed that suspect number two, the man involved in the boston marathon bombings and the man involved in this car chase and manhunt, it is believe this is where he's on the loose. drew griffin? >> reporter: to that end, i just listened to a robocall police have been sending to all its residents warning just that, you wonder how people he
officer in cambridge who was responding to reports of a disturbance, presumably something related to this robbery. during his response to that disturbance, he was shot and killed. those two suspects then carjacked a man and tried to make a getaway, but police pursued them. they ended up in watertown where they exchanged in fire fight. a hail of gunfire was exchanged between those two suspects and police in the area. we have home video of that shootout. let's listen. it's powerful. [ gunfire ] >> there's explosions and gunfire going on down the street. [ rapid gunfire ] >> after an evening, several hours of unbelievable developments early this morning, police held a press conference where they briefed the public and the press on the latest in this developing case. let's take a listen. >> the pursuit went into a residential neighborhood not far from here, where there was an exchange of gunfire between watertown police, nbta police officer, and two suspects in suv. during the course of that pursuit, several explosive devices were discharged from the car at the police officers. in the
-eleven in cambridge. after that, an m.i.t. police officer was shot and killed in his head. at that point, the two suspects who are the suspects in the boston marathon bombing, engage in a carjacking and seize a black mercedes suv. the victim in that case, the owner of the vehicle, is kept with them for about a half an hour while they drive through and head towards watertown chased by police. at some point, they let the victim out, and the police chase ensues to watertown at which point there's this fire fight. explosive devices are thrown from the car. one of the suspects is -- an mbta transit officer is wounded seriously. one of the suspects is critically injured, taken into custody and is now dead. the other, the man with the white baseball cap, suspect number two in the boston marathon bombing, escapes. now, there's some indications that police may be aware of where he is. we see some police activity just down the road from us here, an indication that they are concentrating on one building, an office complex not just a couple blocks from where we are now. we don't know if the suspect
boston. the helicopters are up over cambridge, massachusetts right now. ground shots coming to us from watertown, massachusetts where a wild police chase ended in the middle of the night. both cities part of a huge lockdown of the greater boston area that continues to this hour. cabs, trains, planes, all stopped in a desperate effort to corner a terror suspect. >> this started yesterday at 5 p.m. eastern time when the fbi released pictures showing two bombing suspects. the feds asked for the public'ss help in identifying them. the fbi has now identified one of them as 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's still on the run. the other man is his brother, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev. he's the older brother. he is now dead, killed in a wild overnight police shootout. these two brothers said to be from a russian region near chechnya and believed to have been in the u.s. for quite some time. in the hours since the fbi first made the images public, we also received this chilling photo. look at this. can you see it? we've sort of blocked -- we've blocked the faces. it's actually not that user
, cambridge. train service between boston and providence has been shut down. airports under tight security. authorities trying to cut off any avenue of escape from a man they deem extremely dangerous. wanted not only in bombings of course monday but the bloodshed that occurred today. it started overnight at m.i.t. after a robbery. the ambush and murder of a police officer. the chase that led here. right now s.w.a.t. teams are going down neighborhoods not only trying to clear explosive ordnance left behind in the chase but for the suspect himself. i want to share with you a resident in this area who sent a quote. heavy armed police just came to our house and took our info. they said the bomb squad is working through our street. they told us to lock the doors and stay inside. folks here largely heeding that warning to stay inside. call 911 if they see anybody or somebody comes to their door. police and hospital officials had a number of news conferences overnight. we want to play some of that for you right now. here it is. >> where there was an exchange of gunfire between watertown police, m
last night. with the robbery of a convenience store in cambridge at approximately 7:30. a surveillance camera inside the store, caught the image of the man eye dented mied five hours earlier of suspect number two in the marathon bombings. on the campus of m.i.t. a shoot-out that left an police officer dead. next, the two men carjacked a rcedes and then led the police on a wild, violent chase >> wha reports that have explosives at the scene. >> reporter: two men firing weapons and tossing explosives at the cars of pursuing police. the chase ended a with a gun fight in a residential neighborhood in watertown, where one resident took these pictures showing bullet holes. >> several explosive devices were discharged from the car at the police officers. in the exchange of the gunfire, we believe that one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. >> reporter: suspect number one who abc news has learned tamerlan tsarnaev, later died from his wounds. >> he was in traumatic arrest with cpr ongoing. we spent 10 minutes, 15 minutes trying to resuscitate this patient. >> reporte
teams have swarmed over a house in cambridge, apparently a home at the brothers shared. the hunt has gotten a little desperate. it appears clear that the country will not go back to normal until he is caught. >> authorities are still trying to bill up a a clear picture of the spe more details are emerging about their backgrounds, but little is known about any possible motive. our security correspondent reports. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev, the 19- year-old who tonight is on the run from authorities, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. we now know on monday he and his brother were responsible for this. but the question remains. what do we know about the two men? the brothers live together in cambridge, a suburb of boston. they had been in america for a decade. the younger brother won a scholarship as a promising student after finishing school. one of his classmates told me she could not understand what had happened to him. >> if someone asked me to describe him, i would have only said good things about him. knowing he is the same person that committed such a horrendous crime and is c
say the two men carjacked a mercedes suv in cambridge, briefly kidnapped the driver, and led police on a wild, violent chase through the streets of neighboring watertown. then a dramatic shoot-out. in all, 200 rounds were fired between the police and the suspect, who also reportedly threw explosives from their car. >> in the exchange of the gunfire, we believe one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. >> reporter: tamerlan tsarnaev was critically injured during the firefight and taken to a nearby hospital, where he eventually died. >> we spent 10, 15 minutes trying to resuscitate this patient. >> reporter: but his alleged accomplice was still on the loose. an army of police descended on the neighborhood. >> we're at the corner of mt. auburn and kimble, less than half a mile away from where the shoot-out took place. police officers are saying they're going to continue to go door to door. by now, a more complete picture of just how violent and heavily armed the brothers were begins to emerge. in watertown at their home, evidence of bombs, pipe bombs and a press
the reign of terror. >> the city of boston and the city of cambridge and watertown and many other communities can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that two perpetrators that caused so many pain and anguish are no longer a threat to our safety and communities. >> and with that, the state-wide manhunt was over. the teen the fbi described as suspect number two in custody. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev found inside a boat in watertown, massachusetts. and many cheered the law enforcement officials that successfully tracked him down. the suspect's brother, tamerlan tsarnaev was killed earlier after a gunfight with police. he left behind dreams of becoming a world-class boxer, and we found a youtube page in his name linked to islamic websites. and then tamerlan tsarnaev was quoted as saying i don't have a single american friend. i don't understand them. he and his brother are from the russian caucuses, an area that includes the war-torn regions of chechnya and dagestan. the younger brother became a u.s. citizen on september 11th of last year, and tamerlan followed and got a green card. d
have a picture, a video from 7-11 in cambridge last night that he is dressed in a gray hoody type sweatshirt. he's a light skinned caucasian man with longer brown curly hair. you have seen the picture, ya'll have it that's the individual we are looking for at this moment. that is suspect number 2, the white capped individual. >> suspect number 1 -- >> our location here the finish line, watertown is by the mit campus to give awe sense of the directions. boston police pulling up in a police cruiser jump out of their car and say has any one seen a guy in the black t-shirt. they that's what suspect number 2 possibly is hearing. unless he drove here he must be a very fast runner to get here now. >> suspect number 1 has ladies and gentlemenedly been shot and killed. suspect number 2 the kid with the white hat is on the lose in the watertown area they are going door to door. the video we showed a third suspect someone with their hands out on the ground face down, allegedly he has been taken into custody. there likely is a third suspect here? >> could be or a person caught up in it or may
cambridge, newton, belmont, and at this point all of boston. all of boston. this is a serious situation. we are taking it seriously. we are asking the public to take it seriously as well. and assist law enforcement by following those simple instructions. we've got every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job in working in concert with each other but we will need the public to help us help them stay safe. >> thank you governor. as the governor said, this is a rapidly developing situation. within the last half hour we received information that i have communicated to mayor manio. he's asked me to come here and tell you that the shelter in place recommendation has been extended throughout the city of boston. there is a lot of information coming in we're working very closely with federal authorities in washington. we are examing all data bases. all potential leads and there are officers that are moving around the city right now. police be patient with us. work with us. if you see anything suspicious, let us know. we are trying to make this as saf
, cambridge, other surrounding neighborhoods. they have asked them to shelter in the city of boston themselves. this is the warning just issued moments ago by the governor of massachusetts. >>> it is a serious situation. we are asking the public to take it seriously as well. with this law enforcement by following those simple instructions. we've got every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job and working in concert with each other. we are going to need the public to help us help them stay safe. >> as i mentioned, this shootout took place rufftook place rough the fbi released the photos of those two men. there was a carjacking and police were on their trail shortly there after. to wrap it up, the one brother, the older one, he is dead. that suspect has been shot and killed by police as the younger brother, the 19-year-old is still at-large and police are very concerned about how armed and dangerous he is. that's why you have this shelter in place, which is effectively shutting down the boston metropolitan area. the transit areas in the agency a
of the boston area. specifically, cambridge and the campus of the massachusetts institute of technology. a campus officer has been shot and killed by an unknown gunman. there is a massive, active search going on right now.. cnn is reporting tonight - that one suspect has been apprehended in watertown in connection with the campus shooting. watertown is across the charles river from the school campus. and only a couple miles from mondays tragedy. there are unconfirmed reports of explosions in the area. raising intense concern following mondays explosions. as we know, there is an intense manhunt for the two suspects in monday's bombing. the f-b-i releasing those suspect pictures just today. we have to stress, at this time, there is no confirmation, as to whether these two incidents might be related. tonights shooting happened on the m.i.t campus. the officer was transported to a nearby hospital but did not survive. everyone in boston understandably on edge after monday's tragedy. we will continue following this story and update you, as necessary, throughout the newcast. as we said, today
or so from cambridge where that initial shooting of the police officer happened. this all broke during the 11:00 news, in fact, it was a bulletin on the local news here of this shooting at m.i.t. and then it slowly unfolded into multiple locations, police were staked out at a train station on the boston side. shortly after that we heard about the chase and the shootout and explosions here in watertown. residents are in the street right now trying to get a grip on what's happened. most people here have gone ahead and made the link that we've all been thinking about, whether this is related to the monday bombings. the only official word we got, i pulled a few blocks away from here and can't even call it a news conference, there was a state police officer that approached a few reporters. he seemed to be indicating that they had two suspects and there were two others they were still looking for. i haven't had double confirmation on that. just got the tail end of that. one s.w.a.t. officer was walking past the police line. asked him what was happening and he shook his head, i don't know. he
cambridge, including waltham. do not go outside to your car unless a police officer who is clearly dressed as a police officer is instructing you to do so. suspect number two in the boston marathon, terrorist attack, is on the loose, and he is identified by law enforcement as a terrorist who wants to kill people. it is not known what kind of armaments he has with him. whether explosives or an assault rifle or whatever kind of weapon he might have. but he is presumed extremely dangerous. so before we even go to don lemon i just wanted to say if you live in that area, stay at home. schools are closed for the day. employers are being told not to have anybody come to work today. >> let's go to don lemon who is in watertown where all this is happening. where people are being told to stay home. what are you seeing? >> i'm looking in front of me i see law enforcement coming with flashing lights. if i look behind me, the same thing. we have seen tactical units come in and out of here. response units come in and out of here. a massive presence of police in this area. again as you guys said, you can
, a police officer had been shot dead there at the massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge. kurt shorts, the under secretary for homeland security and emergency management, gave an outline to the measures being taken in the watertown area. >> to the residents of watertown, newton, waltham, belmont, cambridge, and the allston brighton neighborhoods of boston, we are asking you to stay home, stay indoors. we are asking businesses not to open. we are asking people not to congregate outside. we are asking people not to go to mass transit. and we are hopeful that as the day proceeds that we can provide further guidance and will be able to open portions of the system and be able to ease these rest
of the actions of these two alleged terrorists. they decided to rob a 7-eleven at 10:20 in cambridge. they went and murdered a police officer sitting in his vehicle at m.i.t. that led to a carjacking. they took a black mercedes suv. they held at gunpoint the driver of that car for 30 minutes before releasing the driver unharmed. at that point, there's a chase and authorities come into the town of watertown, as mike barnicle described it for us this morning. a bedroom community of 32,000 people and there was a shootout in the streets of watertown. suspect number one. the one we have come to known in the black hat. was on the ground. authorities found him with an ied. improvised explosive device on his person. pete williams has reported now that his brother, his own brother in fleeing in that mercedes suv ran over his own brother. eventually that suspect died at the hospital. but we can't overstate how remarkable it's been this morning, chuck, that there is a lockdown of a major american city. a shelter in place, as it is known. this is the kind of thing you hear about when there's chemical leaks
responded to the cambridge campus campus of mit thursday evening were an officer was shot and killed. the area was shut down in the community want to stay away. that was just the beginning. action sprung up in the nearby community of water time were and alleged carjacking may have involved explosives. gunfire was exchanged in one officer was shot. >> and the exchange of gunfire we believe that one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. the second suspect was able to flee from that car. the district attorney's said the the first suspect has died and they're looking for a man that matches the description of the second suspect. he is wanted by the fbi for the suspicio. >> we're asking everyone to shelter and place for the time being. do not leave your home. >> we learned this morning that the suspects are brothers and sources tell us that the suspect was killed earlier this morning at explosives strapped to his body. the concern now is that the suspect on the list of the police are looking for may perhaps have explosives strapped to his body as well. a very active
with cambridge, who had some gps device that was giving alerts to where the where the hir jacked car was moving, from cambridge towards watertown. eventually, we were made aware it was on the streets of watertown. >> so what happened then? >> our first officer observed the carjack, a black suv, and a second vehicle, driving in tandem down one of the side streets, a street called laurel street in watertown. the first officer saw them, radioed back to dispatch that he had them in sight. he was told, do not stop that vehicle until we get you some significant backup. unfortunately, the two brothers stopped, got out of their vehicles and immediately started shooting at my lone police officer. and the gun fight was on. they brought it to us. >> so what happened isn't first -- the first accused bomber, the 26-year-old, he went down first? was he actually cuffed, then was he run over by his brother? >> right. eventually, that's exactly what happened, greta. hisix or seven police officers come in right behind our other officer. it was a 10-minute gun battle before that happened. our understanding, at le
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